Archival inkjet print, thread
2 panels; 15 x 30 in. each
April 2007

A jacket can be a reflection of self; it is often made to suit, thus becoming highly individual and personal. It can also define space by its shape, by the way it fits a body. When simplified to a symbol it allows for a closer investigation of its forms and can be pushed into a new spacial direction. A line can delinate that space and reflect on a context.  It can also define an object and create a landscape. The shapes and objects that relate to my body of work and to my investigations are reflected in the inner bounds of this jacket. This is a translation of my jacket, and a reflection of self. 

This piece was conceived as a way of encompassing all of the things I had explored during my two years in graduate school. Ideas of narrative story-telling intertwined with formal explorations culminate in these two panels. The initial inspiration for this piece was the fashion of some of the characters in the early French New-Wave cinema (Belmondo, Leaude, etc). What interested me was the symbolic nature of a suit and its potential as a vessel. I am interested in how things come together: the connection between things, whether formal or conceptual. There is something that exists in the in-between moments that ties everything together. My desire is to tease it out and wrap it into a form.